Legal Notice + Terms & Conditions

Legal Notice

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Terms & Conditions

1. The present Terms and Conditions are contracted between, on the one hand, the company Pelikaancars NV, hare after named "the seller" and, on the other hand every natural person or legal entity who wishes to use the services of the seller, hereafter named "the buyer".

2. The confirmation of a booking by the buyer submits the buyer to a full complete agreement to the Terms and Conditions of the seller. Without any contractual written addendum signed by both the buyer and the seller, the present terms and conditions are to be considered agreed without reserve by both parties.

3. A reservation will only be officially booked upon reception of the formal confirmation documents duly signed and fulfilled.

4. The full payment of the projected budget is due upon confirmation of the booking. The confirmation is to be done by faxing the filled-up and signed Booking Confirmation voucher and Credit Card Authorization Forms to our Booking Desk.

5. The projected budget is based on information previous to the mission execution. The final amount to be charged will only be set on the actual service provided. Due to program change, the final amount to pay might be different than the projected budget. Extra charges such as journeys between the garage and the pickup/drop-off points, extra driver’s meals, vehicle cleaning, extra parking fees… might be added to the final bill according to the actual service given.

6. The driver may terminate the mission without refund or prejudice, should he/she deems the client/Passengers acting unruly or acting in violation of the vehicle/Passengers safety.

7. The seller assumes no responsibility for illegal acts of the passengers during rental. The buyer hereby assigns all responsibility for his/her guests within this agreement. The buyer assumes full financial responsibility for any damages done to the vehicle or property caused by the passengers whether by accident, neglect or intent.

8. The buyer assumes the responsibility for every overtime fees or added elements primarily unscheduled. The buyer authorizes credit card charges to be made to these costs or any others due and not collected at the end of the mission. The buyer will be invoiced for any additions to the charter after the service performance only as a courtesy notice. In the case of a delay of the passengers to a place of assumption of responsibility, the driver will be able to expect his planning as far as.

Our cancellation policy is based on the following rules :

  • A cancellation within the 10 days before the mission incurs the charge of minimum 50% of the projected budget.
  • A cancellation within the 96 hours before the mission incurs the charge of 100% of the projected budget. Every cancellation is to be confirmed per mail or fax to our booking desk.
  • The date of this written cancellation notice will be officially considered as cancellation date.
  • A cancellation within the 96 hours before the mission incurs the charge of 100% of the projected budget. Every cancellation is to be confirmed per mail or fax to our booking desk.
  • Any estimate accepted by a customer, could be invoiced in the event of cancellation in the 30 calendar days before the date envisaged of the service. This as fee in order to cover the hours passed with the constitution of this one. The expenses will amount to 8% of the amount of the file and are not negotiable. Only the estimates of 3,000 euros and more are concerned with this article.
  • In the case of a refunding of to a cancellation, the collection charges will be deduced from this one.

In case of litigation, only the court of Be'er-Sheva, Israel will be competent and the totality of the proceedings charges and legal costs are at the expense of the buyer.

The present Terms and Conditions are addressed with all proper reserves, without any prejudicial acknowledgement. All rights reserved.

Driving Time and Rest Periods

Terms & Conditions, Driving Time and Rest Periods: Regulation (EC) 561/2006.

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